Thursday, September 25, 2014

430 days

The most written blog post is probably the cliche 'welcome to my blog!'. The second most written has to be the 'oops, it's been awhile!' post. And here's my submission to the latter

It's been 430 days since my last post (or so google says, math was never my thing) and I could probably name 430 things that have changed since then but let's just start with a few of the highlights...

| * | Moved to Nigeria

Exploring Lagos
Wait what?  Home for Nick and I is now Lagos, Nigeria! Crazy night? Nick's new job will have us moving to a new place every 2-3 years so that definitely crosses 'live in a foreign country for over 30 days' off the 'ol bucket list

| * | Paris

Mandatory Eiffel Tower Selfie
Speaking of bucket list items, Nick surprised me with a trip to Paris to propose! We spent a few days eating macaroons and drinking champagne, so basically the perfect weekend in Paris right?!

| * | Getting Married

guess I wont be needing that 'ain't no wifey' tshirt
In the span of three weeks Nick and I went from same old same old to Mr & Mrs. And I wouldn't of had it any other way


Risa Michelle
I am now the overly attached, stupidly in love, can't stop talking about, do you want to see a photo- mom of the best (who could disagree?) german shepherd.

Phew! Day to day life here has finally reached a sense of normalcy so hopefully that means updates about what goes on during those non-routine days :)

And I can almost promise they won't all be dog pictures.

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