Monday, July 22, 2013

You So Fancy

On a daily basis, I drop food on myself. I trip and fall, say inappropriate things at inappropriate times and regularly embarrass myself and those around me.

But damn do I love faking the fancy with VIP tickets, business class, hotel suites you name it I want to experience it (and then  instagram it!).

So I couldn't wait to go through the World's Best Awards feature in this August's Travel + Leisure -- would I have stayed at even one of these fancy hotels? Where should I be trying to talk Mr A into taking me next! Turns out I've been taking my fake fancy to a few of the the right places :)

Top 10 Islands Overall (#6)

While I haven't been to toooo many islands, it's still easy for me to say that Bali is one of the most beautiful ones! The weather was perfect and the scenery was everything you could want from an exotic paradise (cheeky monkeys is pretty high on that list for me). Of course it didn't hurt that I woke up to this every morning ...

Another exciting pull from the article was seeing the hotel we're staying at in Costa Rica ALL OVER THE PLACE! Top Hotel Overall (#4), Top Hotel Spas Overall (#8) & Top 3 Hotel Spas,Central And South America (#1) --- whoa! We'll be spending time at the Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens in La Fortuna and if I was excited before, I seriously can't wait now!

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