Monday, March 18, 2013

MIA with no trip to blame

Eiks, it's been a second hasn't it. I wish I could blame being holed up in the amazon somewhere without any access to internet but I don't have a good excuse. 

What would be a cool excuse would be that I've been living it up at SXSW, though I think that requires tweeting and instagramming your every move (I'm halfway there!) so in the end that's a bad excuse too! But it did get me thinking that I really wanna go to SXSW some day. And someday soon when I can still pull off the too cool for school hipster look and not look terribly out of place at the industry parties (because yes, I will obviously be invited).

Future Mr A & I performing with our pet wolf

I feel like I'm always saying, 'Oh! I've always dreamed of going/doing _____' so it's about time I started keeping track so the next time Mr A say's hey we need to use miles/hotel points before they expire I have something to say!

PS next time I go MIA, you can stay in touch with me via insty or twitter

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