Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So. Much. Snow.

Even when going about my (what turned into extremely busy) day, I do my best to keep up with twitter (I hate being out of the loop!). This tweet by Capital Weather Gang immediately caught my eye...

Uh what? I know I've been telling everyone I hope it snows while we're there but, historic levels of snow? I'm more into light dusting that make everything look pretty - not 3,000 traffic accidents in two days, not 85 inches thus far, and definitely not the snowiest winter in over 100 years.

alt text
RIA Novosti / Denis Tyrin
Seeing that, how could you not rush to and see what you're in for!

Aaaand it looks like we're in for a winter wonderland while we're there (assuming that we're able to land)! It probably won't be ideal for exploring the city but it will definitely make for a good story, interesting photos, and the need for LOTS of hot chocolate (they have that there right? or is it shots of vodka? hmmm....)

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