Sunday, February 10, 2013

Puerto Rico

I think Puerto Rico should come with a little back story, as it sets the stage for what has become one of our (okay, maybe moreso my) favorite traditions -- Brithday Travel! Every October since 2010 we've gone on a long weekend; thus far we've been to Puerto Rico, Iceland, and Miami. As with most things, this trip was mr OMG's idea though this one started off a surprise. Granted, the surprise was only kept for a few weeks but that's the longest I've seen him keep one!

We spent most of the time wandering the streets of Old San Juan, me hunting for churros, and mr A playing with his new camera...

beach at night

We visited the Castillo San Crist√≥bal, a Spanish fort built in 1783 and today is part of the US National Park Service (not to mention a UNESCO World Heritage Site!)

sentry boxes, or 'guerites'

One definite must-do on a trip to Puerto Rico is a visit to El Yunque, the only rain forest in the that is part of the U.S. Forest Service - how cool! 

mr A & I cheesing it up
Coca Falls

pretty sure this can be cited as the beginning of my obsession with stair photos .....
In addition, no visit to Puerto Rico as a twenty something would be complete without a trip to the Bacardi Factory. The factory is easy to get to by yourself, or is a common tour offered by many companies (usually as part of an Old San Juan tour). It's of course 100% cheesy, and of no historical value but hey, 'free' booze!

straight out of the 70's

trip souvenirs!
Overall, Puerto Rico was a fun place to visit for a weekend away and requires very little planning. So if you're looking for a relaxing weekend gateway, that is a short jaunt (at least from the east coast, and if you survive the flight over the Bermuda triangle) San Juan is a great idea!

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