Monday, February 25, 2013

La Boum = Tres Fun

I share my city with over 15 million visitors every year and hope to show that there is more to DC than White House tours, monuments, and the Smithsonian.

La Boum (noun :  la booem) from the French slang popular with teens for “house party”

Oh. Em. Gee. I knew it was going to get out of hand but seriously?!

I wish I stayed this classy ...

First off, if you plan on going while on a visit to DC you needed to make a reservation like, yesterday. Check out for all the details on how to make one. A few points I'd like to add ...

|*| Have I made it clear you need to make a reservation like, ASAP?

|*| Do you have friends that like to dance on chairs? Good, bring them.

|*| Save your pennies, my friends and I are not usually big spenders but we ordered a few (okay three) bottles (they come with sparklers that you look really cute holding while you're dancing on your chair!)

|*| clear your schedule, they lock you in and there is no leaving

|*| if you don't have an absolute blast, you are doing something wrong. this was the best brunch I've ever been to (if it can be classified as such) and easily in my top 5 things I've done in DC

|*| Oh, the food was pretty good too :) 

Who: you and your favorite ladies (+gay best friend)
What: four hours of drinks and dancing that make you wonder why you've wasted your past Saturdays on laundry and errands
When: every Saturday from 2-6pm
Where: L'Enfant Cafe (2000 18th St NW  Washington, DC 20009)
Why: Because you love shaking what your momma gave ya and day drinking

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