Monday, February 4, 2013

Blue Lagoon

Ah, the Blue Lagoon. Thus far I'd say it's been my favorite spot in the world and I hope to one day go back. Luckily, it's close enough to the airport (8 miles away) that you can book a tour that picks you up and drops you off at the airport. So maybe one day I'll make it back?

If you spend any time on pinterest, you're likely to have seen snapshots of this place and for good reason! The fog coming off of the water provides some pretty beautiful photos. Nearby the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal power plant (most of Iceland runs off geothermal power) and after it's done with the hot water, it's channeled into the Blue Lagoon. This keeps the water at a deliciously warm 100 degrees. All around the lagoon there are buckets of silica that you can slather onto your face for a nice face mask (and of course you can then buy it, which yessss, I did, and no, I don't regret it!)

After spending an entire afternoon there, I can guarantee you it's a must do activity in Iceland and one that you won't regret (or forget!)

floating heads

everyone looks great in the fog of the Lagoon!

view from the top of the visitor center

Geothermal spas can be found all over Iceland. It seemed like every town we passed by had an amazing pool that was heated by geothermal energy. Many tours offer stops at the different spas around Iceland

Fontana Spa in Laugarvatn

Blue Lagoon Tips

  • your hair will get WRECKED. my hair was utterly dry, knotty, and overall destroyed for days after I went. I highly suggest some leave in conditioner and if it all possible, keep your hair out of the water!
  • you have to get naked. this goes for both the spa's we visited. At the Blue Lagoon, there are personal showers if you want to wait in line, but at Fontana it was a shower room where everyone showered together
  • during high season (June - August) it's $54 per person to get in
  • there is a bar in the lagoon (~$10/drink)
  • there is a corner reserved for people getting massages, you better believe if I hadn't just spent $50 to walk in the door I would have done it!


  1. Isn't Iceland wonderful? Thanks for visiting Quirky Travel - love your photos too, Jess!

  2. Blue Lagoon looks wonderful! and your photos also. Hope that I can have a chance to visit it once. Btw, can I know that what camera do you use for these shooting? Thanks.

  3. I actually used a cheapo underwater one time use camera. I didn't want the nicer camera to have to deal with all that water/steam/whatever in the air. I think the pictures came out pretty good considering!